Mottra sterlet caviar 
toasted brioche, quail eggs, crème fraîche
€ 60,00
Normandie Brie tempura, acacia honey, Pernod, Granny Smith apples, celery, tarragon, passionfruit sauce
€ 14,00
Fresh salad greens, artichokes, datterini tomato confit, fennel, poached egg, passionfruit sauce
€ 10,00
Shrimp Thermidor, Dijon mustard, shallots, madeira, Normandy cream, spinach, parmesan cheese
€ 12,00
Scottish scallops, parsnip purée, chorizo chutney, kale, mussel chowder
€ 15,00
Catch of the day poke, avocado, shimeji mushrooms, pickled peppers, yuzu sauce, sesame, ginger, cilantro
€ 14,00
Beef tartare, mixed greens, confit garlic aioli, lemon-bread bruschetta, pecorino-cheese cream, cornichons, capers, cognac
€ 17,00
Ox-tail consommé, potato gnocchi, vegetable fricassee, sesame oil, cilantro, madeira
€ 18,00

Main Courses

Grilled tuna sashimi, pak choi, fennel, olive tapénade, chili, minicarrots, Granny Smith apples, pomegranate sauce
€ 22,00
Mottra sturgeon fillet, bean rémoulade, king-trumpet and oyster mushrooms, mushroom dashi consommé
€ 19,00
Artichoke risotto, acquerello rice, vegetable broth, datterini tomatoes, seasonal vegetables, parmesan cheese, saffron
€ 18,00
Pasta genovese, burrata di bufala, anchovies, walnuts, basil pesto, parmesan cheese
€ 17,00
Lamb rump steak, aubergine caponata, baba ganoush, Mediterranean herbs, Sicilian tomatoes, sage
€ 21,00
Australian Wagyu beef Bavette steak, stew bone,kale, green peppercorn sauce, triple cooked chips
€ 32,00
Venison Wellington, mashed potatoes, king-trumpet mushrooms, port-wine sauce
€ 27,00
Australian Wagyu beef burger, foie gras, fig and onion chutney, Fourme d’Ambert cheese, homemade mayonnaise, arugula, triple cooked chips
€ 30,00
Aged steak with seasonal accompaniments (please inquire your waiter
 about the current offer)
Side dishes
€ 8,00
Grilled fennel with fresh spinach
Small-vegetable tempura
Robuchon -style mashed potatoes


Selection of European cheeses
€ 16,00
Warm apple vol-au-vent, caramel, quince, sea buckthorn cream,white chocolate, vanilla ice-cream
€ 8,00
Pistachio mirror cake, praline, raspberry crémeux, raspberry sponge
€ 8,00
Crème brûlée tartlet sea buckthorn sorbet, flamed white-chocolate
€ 8,00
Mille – Feuille, dark-chocolate praline, hazelnuts, almonds, mocha cream
€ 8,00
Hot Valrhona chocolate ganache, orange oil, honey ice-cream
€ 8,00
Bergs homemade ice-cream or sorbet selection
€ 8,00
Every working day, from 12 a. m. to 3 p. m., our chef duo invites you to enjoy a business lunch of two or three courses – as you choose. The offer changes every two weeks – to make the best of the seasonal products offer.
Bon appetit!
Chef duo - Andrejs Dudenko and Ronalds Striguns